Interlocking building block

The invention is an interlocking block design that replaces the common building material for the construction of walls, roof, floors, ceiling insulation and similar items. The invention is unique in a way that each block has a male and female locking component (also referred as construction joints).

The projection of construction joints on top (male locking component) of the block is mirrored at the bottom (female locking component) but on a recessed form, both have square profile for, because of the projection and recess at each block makes it unique and acts as a construction key joint. where two or more blocks are connected thus a secured joint is created. The grooves along the construction joint allow the placement of Horizontal Reinforcement without distorting the alignment of the blocks.

Walls constructed from the invention in either a stacked bond or running bond are mechanically interlocked and properly aligned. When used as wall or partition, the locking components have openings or grooves to receive horizontal reinforcement bars, the hollow cores are adapted to receive vertical reinforcement bars and other binding materials.

By changing the material used to manufacture the invention with lighter material or insulated, it can be used as a roofing material or wall/ceiling insulation.