Our Services

Innovation Strategy

Understand the position of your technology compared to what is already out there. Our prior art research will help you meet your IP objective, whether you seek to protect your invention, ensure the safety of your product launch, or invalidate a competitor’s patent.

Protect your invention in a practical and efficient manner. Our team of consultants has the needed experience to simplify the patent application process for you.

Improve the quality of your R&D roadmap by gaining insights on emerging technology areas, key players and key challenges. Our landscaping deliverables focuses on uncovering what is critical for your competitive advantage.

Our ideation workshops use various inputs such as patents, launched products and consumer insight to inspire your product development team to find more elegant solutions to meet your R&D objectives.

Technology Matching

We create a brief of your technology offering for prospective licensees or buyers. This brief includes a short description of your technology, its IP protection status, benefits and possible applications.  We then reach out to potential customers and provide you a list of potential licensees or buyers of your technology.

We assist IP owners to identify the most effective licensing model and strategy. Explore multiple leverage options – including tech transfer, patent sale, in/out/ cross-licensing opportunities.

Assess investment opportunities in the high-tech sector. Our service allows venture capitalists, business angels and other investors to outsource all, or part, of the evaluation of a high-tech proposition, saving them time and resources while improving the accuracy of the process. Analyze the technology deployment and identification of any potential IP infringement.

Develop term sheets setting the terms and conditions fitting to the specifics of the licensing program. Draft and negotiate licensing contracts with the client. Assist in the validation and recordation of licensing contracts with Government authorities. Handle subsequent contract management, including the collection of royalty payments due from licensees, confirming the accuracy of royalty reporting and management of the ongoing relationships between client and licensees.

Market Validation / Commercialization

Our consumer insights services help your business gain a deeper understanding of your technology’s target audience or perhaps define that target audience.

Our team of technology specialists will seek to understand your technology so that we can produce targeted content to introduce your business to the world, online.

TechMatch is all about making the connections and collaborations to make innovations happen. We organize bespoke industry events that cover the forefront of deep tech to grow the tech community.