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TechMatch is your partner in converting blue sky into bottom line. Whether you are starting-up and assessing your business potential, looking for the right innovation partnerships, or need help in commercializing your IP, we help take your technology company to the next level.

An online IP marketplace that delivers results

TechMatch goes beyond simply listing posting your technologies or requirements. We use our knowledge and network to generate high-quality leads in the Philippines and elsewhere that will be a match to your technology offering or need. We use smart data targeting and work primarily on a conversational-based approach. We have a quality guarantee – you won’t pay for leads that don’t meet your criteria. Our team of IP specialists will also ensure a smooth journey to a signed license or sale agreement.

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End-to-end support from Ideation to Commercialization

We also support you at the various stages of your innovation journey. We can help you identify niche areas where you can build a competitive advantage. We can also assist in defining the target market for your innovation, promoting your technology through user-targeted content, or showcasing your innovation in various forums and events.

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